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Matte Black Metal Wall Chess Set Decor


Matte Black Metal Wall Chess Set Decor

If you want to replenish your walls, you will have no limits in archtwain.sure if you need an evolution, you may need a zingy counsel. A genius archtwainian design, Chess Wall Deco is that zingy.

This product has been created in thought of decorative and connective path in your life space. While filling your wall with a sharp and classy Outlook, also providing fun at any time.

This product reserves the chess monochrom theme, comprising high quality transparent plexiglass shelves imposed on black matte metal ground and elaborately designed chess set. Reflecting glory in overall view with each piece.



  • Product Size; 33.46 x 21.65 inch (85cm x 55cm), tray 1.18 inch (3 cm)
  • 10 mm thickness of shelves, 8 plexiglass transparent shelves
  • 32 special design chess pieces



Ships to all US continental states. 4-7 Days Delivery.

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