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Mancini Benzoni Gold & Silver Plated Chess Set

$329.99 $450.00

Mancini Benzoni Gold & Silver Plated Chess Set

This chess set exemplifies luxury!  This is an exceptional set of chessmen crafted by Italian artisans. This set will become the centerpiece of any room. 

The Staunton pieces are solid brass plated with gold/silver with wood in between which is dipped in gold/silver to give a unique finish. The chess board is Piano painted and made of fine maple wood giving it an eye satisfying and engaging look

This master piece brings about this vibrant yet elegant game set which is idyllic not only for gaming purposes but also can be consumed as an arty décor item.



  • Handmade from high quality brass metal.
  • Board Size: 16 Inches. King Measures: 2.75 Inches
  • Can be an exciting gift and also to used as home decor item.


Ships to all US continental states. Delivery in 7-14 days.

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