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Black and White Marble Chess Set


Black and White Marble Chess Set

Beautifully handcrafted with premium quality white and black marble, these chess sets exude a royal charm with an Handcrafted beauty brought into life – Feel the royal style, an imperial enigma, this chess set brings out the finesse of luxury and opulence that can’t be ignored.

If you enjoy the heavy feel of onyx chess set marble and coral pieces and want an aesthetic touch in your chess games, this is the perfect choice. The chess board presents an allure that emanates natural beauty and accentuates your experience with its highly polished playing surface. It unveils the real adventure and spot on excitement of the chess game for the players and delights the onlookers with its regal charm and exquisiteness.


  • Handmade from high quality marble onyx.
  • Board Size: 12 Inches. King Measures: 2.75 Inches
  • Can be an exciting gift and also to used as home decor item.


Ships to all US continental states. Delivery in 4-6 days.