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Handmade Pearl Wooden Board and Metal Chess Set

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Ancient Troy Antique Copper Figures Metal Chess Set

The chess boards is completely made of solid wood and hand workmanship. There are pearl motifs on the board. There is absolutely no print on the boards. All of the patterns are hand workmanship and combined with solid wood, mother-of-pearl and other materials. 

The board was polished completely by handmade and used one of old style with cotton. Figures of Metal Chess Sets are manufactured in Turkey with high quality workmanship and handmade with special coatings and paint over the first grade and molding materials.


  • Board Dimension 13x13X2,55 inches
  • The housing of the chess pieces fits precisely in The drawers. The chess set has Special carrier bag, chess set comes with it.
  • Chess pieces describe Troy and their period.  King is 2.1 inches


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