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Egypt Pharaoh Antique Copper Figures Metal Chess Set


Egypt Pharaoh Antique Copper Figures Metal Chess Set

The mother-of-pearl board is hand-cut into different shapes and then individually applied to form the finished geometric design, resulting in a uniquely-patterned chess board that is a work of art to be treasured. 

Figures of Metal Chess Sets are manufactured in Turkey with high quality workmanship and handmade with special coatings and paint over the first grade and molding materials.  The pieces are made from Zinc alloy and its mains components are zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper. All surfaces of the product are protected with 3 layers of elephants varnish and 3 layers of glossy polyester 



  • 17x17 inches Walnut wood chess board
  • King height is around 3.5 Inches
  • PAWN height is around 3 cm 
  • Chess pieces describe Pharaos and their period


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