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Hand wooven Chess Patterned Themed Rug


Hand wooven Chess Patterned Themed Rug

Soft and Fluffy: Fluffy Rug features a top layer of 100% ultra soft fiber that bringing you softness. Middle high density sponge layer of the throw rug adds extra cushion under your body, soothe tired muscles. The rugs are softer and more luxurious underfoot. Its comfy fabric is very family-friendly and ideal for indoor use in the bedroom, living room.

Hand wooven in Turkey, Turkish rugs are legendary for their quality. From kilim to handknotted, they're remarkably well-made, especially when handwoven, like those we curate. Known for their intricate patterns and tight, sturdy weaves, what began as a homemade, everyday comfort ultimately became a robust industry, embodying a profound artistic expression of Turkey's culture.


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