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New York City Architectural Chess Set


New York City Architectural Chess Set

Taking inspiration from New York’s world-renowned architecture and transforming it into carefully crafted, original and beautifully designed representation of the iconic landmarks of the city's skyline. We’ve chosen a range of buildings from across the city, some of which capture the essence of the early 1900’s construction boom and the growth of skyscraper architecture, through to their more contemporary counterparts, along with some of the New York’s most recognisable silhouettes:

King – One World Trade Tower
Queen – Empire State Building
Bishop – Chrysler Building
Knight – Flatiron Building
Rook – Guggenheim Museum
Pawn – Brownstone House

Each of the weighted pieces is made using injection moulded high-grade acrylic, picking up the finer architectural details of each building. The pieces have soft felt bases and come arranged in a presentation box with an entry level card folding board.


  • Folding Board Dimensions: 16 x 16 inches
  • 32-piece set cast in injection moulded acrylic
  • A carefully selected curation of the Big Apple’s iconic skyline, including Brownstone House, Guggenheim, Flatiron, Chrysler, Empire State Building and One World Trade Tower


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